Our mission is to "Set New Standards & Make a Difference".

We embrace our returned service personnel. If you are one, we acknowledge your career as well as your great experience and knowledge, not to mention the strong values and ethics that define you. Our belief is that there is much you can do with that experience and knowledge to continue your path of ‘Making a Difference’.

Understanding that realising success is something best ‘achieved’ personally rather than ‘gifted’ by others, we don’t necessarily give preference to injured returned service personnel on the basis of physical limitations, we do however want to give you real opportunities to compete for jobs with VIZIONX in an environment that is compatible with your circumstances while ensuring that the success of your employment application is entirely on you and how you present your abilities throughout the recruitment process.

Ours is principally an intellectual services business so we are only interested in what is in your head, your ambition to be part of a great team, your passion to make a difference and the attitude you bring with you. As such we don't see a need to exclude or give preference to someone based on a physical limitation. We just give everyone a fair chance to prove they've got what it takes and if you're the best person for the job, then the job is yours.

As a high performance consulting firm; complex projects, high pressure workloads and impossible deadlines are a normal part of our everyday business. As such we expect our candidates to be ready to hit the ground running and capable of confronting the very challenging and often demanding projects our clients require of us.

Like anyone else, not all of our advertised jobs are going to be a good fit for you, but some of them are going to be perfect.

If this sounds like a fair deal you should give us a call and the team will get you started.

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